Nature Walk Guided Meditation

This guided meditation will make you re-connect to nature with all your senses. Get outside, preferably in nature, and read slowly...

Nature Walk Guided Meditation

I invite you to sit down and surrender.

Let the ground beneath you hold your body weight.

Touch the ground with your bare feet, with your bare hands, or both.

Allow yourself to immerse in the present moment fully.

With your eyes open, take a deep breath in through your nose and a deep breath out through your mouth.

Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Keep breathing through your nose mindfully.  

With each inhalation feel your belly rise, and the air stretching your lungs.

Feel the oxygen entering your bloodstream and traveling to your heart.

Feel your heart beating, pumping all this rich, oxygenated blood to your whole body.

Feel the oxygen reaching every cell.

With each exhalation feel your heart pumping the veinal blood back to the lungs to get cleaned and oxygenated again.

In your next exhalation acknowledge that you are nourishing the natural environment around you with your breath.

Notice the interconnectedness of all living things.

Now, feel the Earth’s electrical energy entering your body through your hands and feet.

Acknowledge your body’s natural defenses being restored by Earth’s energy.

Acknowledge your electrical energy being realigned with the planet’s.

Let the Earth’s energy flow freely through your whole body.

Visualize this energy releasing tension from all your muscles.

Engage all your senses and allow yourself to be fully present.

Bring your awareness to the natural sounds around you.

Notice what sounds arise from nature.

What do you hear?

Are there birds chirping?

Is there a gurgling creek?

Is there rustling of the leaves as the wind blows?

Is there a quiet breeze touching your skin?

Visualize the sound waves entering your ears and flooding your brain.

Notice how the natural sounds can quiet the chatter of the mind.

Acknowledge all the different shades of green in existence and all the various colors, shapes, and scents.

Take another deep breath in through your nose and notice the earthly scent evoking memories from your primal connection to Mother Earth.

Are there any memories coming from those scents?

Maybe memories from a child experiencing serene moments spent in nature’s sensory playground.

Visualize the shades of green entering your eyeballs and soothing all the anxious thoughts in your conscious and unconscious mind.

Now, bring your awareness to the sun… our inexhaustible source of energy.

Feel its warmth in your skin.

Feel its powerful energy entering your pores.

Acknowledge all the magic that its energy is creating inside you.

Now, bring your awareness to the trees.

Notice how they stand tall and strong.

Acknowledge how they silently deepen their roots into the soil, the same soil your feet are touching,

Notice how the branches slowly reach for the sun.

Now, bring your awareness to all the other living creatures in existence, even the ones you cannot see.

Acknowledge the varieties of shrubs, bushes, flowers, and weeds.

Visualize the different species of birds, insects, and fish.

Acknowledge the presence of the microbiome in the soil.

Notice how we are all connected with the same elements:

  • Breathing the same air;
  • Absorbing energy from the same sun;
  • Drinking from the same water source;
  • Getting nourishment from the same soil.


Notice how everything seems still and yet, so much is being accomplished.

Acknowledge all the magic that is happening inside and outside you here, in this moment, while we’re sitting still.

Feel all the energy in and around you.

Take another deep breath through your nose and inhale the greatness of nature.

And with one more deep breath out through your mouth, acknowledge nature’s healing power.

Feel the sense of belonging!

We are one!

You are nature!

Welcome back home!


Take a moment to express gratitude for the beauty and life force of nature within you.

Thank you for letting me guide you through this nature walk.

And remember, Good is what makes you feel well!


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