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With a background in chemical engineering and a successful 25-year tenure in the manufacturing industry, Anna has honed her expertise in continuous improvement. Throughout her career, she has worked in various plants across Brazil and the United States, but it was her unwavering commitment to enhancing people’s health and well-being that truly struck a chord within her. Now, as a health coach, Anna can channel her passion for nutrition and a wholesome lifestyle to empower her clients on their journey toward becoming the best, healthiest versions of themselves. 

Under the guidance of Mamma Terra Health Coaching, Anna endeavors to leave a lasting impact on the world. Her mission is to contribute to a future where ailments are scarce, making the world a better place for generations to come. 

Driven by a powerful vision, Anna aims to educate and guide individuals on cultivating healthy habits that will enable them to live long, vibrant lives. By imparting invaluable knowledge and providing unwavering support, she empowers her clients to take charge of their well-being and embrace a life of wellness. 

Rooted in a set of core values, Mamma Terra Health Coaching upholds the principles of wellness, nutrition, community, and family. These values form the foundation of Anna’s approach, ensuring that her clients receive the utmost care and guidance on their transformative journey toward optimal health. Together, Anna Resende and Mamma Terra Health Coaching strive to create a healthier world, one individual at a time. 

Chloe Redmond, CEO of Vino Vaquera Consulting, sat down with Anna Resende to inquire more about the nutritional offerings behind Mamma Terra Health Coaching.


Hello Anna! We love to sink into all of the pieces that create a true soulpreneur. Can you walk us through the early stages of inspiration behind Mamma Terra Health Coaching?

When I was in the first stages of my business plan, I had this beautiful, inspired vision of me walking with a group of young adults in the woods. At that moment I knew my calling was to help people heal by connecting them back to nature, with which I’ve always had a strong connection. Following this path made a lot of sense, especially because I feel nature is deeply healing for me. I was also looking for a way to tie all the multidimensional areas of health into one program. As an integrative nutrition health coach, I wanted to make sure that I could touch physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all at once. When I figured nature is the common denominator for nutrition, stress management, mental health, and spirituality then it was like putting glasses on a blurry vision, all the pieces came together clearly. Our plates, farms, gardens, and minds are the places where the human and natural worlds intersect. Then the idea of the name Mamma Terra – which means Mother Earth, came as a culmination of the vision. 


Fantastic Anna, thank you for sharing! May we deep dive into the current offerings of Mamma Terra Health Coaching?

As free resources I offer a weekly newsletter for those who want to get their toes wet. I carefully select topics to share every week, always including health and wellness tips, one recipe, and one book recommendation. I also have a free e-book where I talk about all the fundamentals of multidimensional health and how to fit self-care into a routine. My blog is also a big part of what I do I have been writing about all my amazing discoveries to give people insights and resources to start their own journey. As far as paid programs I currently offer 1×1 coaching for young adults and parents alike, and group coaching for high school seniors and college freshmen. For kids 8-10 years old, I’m going to offer a Nature Walk Summer Camp for 6 weeks in June and July. The cornerstone of Nature Walk – Mamma Terra’s signature program, is the (re)connection to nature, mind, body, spirit, and community that are just adapted to the specific age group. 


What would you say your key takeaways might be for a client enrolled in your program?

That nature is our source of wisdom. Connecting back to nature has the power to heal our bodies and our minds. As we’re part of the same creation, re-connecting with nature is, for us spirits, like coming back home. Our bodies can heal if given real, whole, fresh, nature-made fuel as we can heal our minds by grounding and immersing ourselves in the soothing colors and sounds of nature. Honoring the mind-body connection and practicing mindfulness is powerful in the healing process.


What would you say sets Mamma Terra Health Coaching apart from other industry competitors/programs?

I cannot tell. I think the clients who are meant to work with me will somehow walk towards me. It’s just a matter of resonance and trust. That’s why we do a free discovery call, to give the client the chance to feel if we are a good match. 


Can you touch on the evolution of your nutritional journey?

I’ve always loved to cook so, I cooked homemade from scratch meals for my family 80% of the time. The idea of becoming a vegetarian always hovered over my head due to spiritual beliefs but, I was never strong enough to take the next step. I thought I was eating pretty well until I learned about the benefits of a plant-based diet and all the bad outcomes of sugary and highly processed foods as well as animal products. Halfway through my HCTP, I decided to quit eating meat and most animal products. For a year now, my diet has been plant-based, with eggs, seafood, and honey sporadically.


We love exploring the foundations of a true family business. How has the journey of Motherhood impacted your teachings?

Well, motherhood made me want to teach. The prime reason I chose my niche is my son and my deep desire to help him overcome his depression and anxiety. Everything I have been writing on my blog is firsthand for my kids. They are still on that “don’t listen to mom” kind of phase so, I thought writing is a way to keep my teachings always there, available for whenever they decide to check. Also, my extended family has a huge influence on work as I, many times, felt called to write about things they have been struggling with.


What would say has been the greatest achievement your company has experienced this far? 

We’re still in infancy – Mamma Terra is only 42 weeks old. However, I’m proud of our accomplishments so far: we have been featured in 3 health fairs, done one in-person workshop, and published one e-book. Our website had about 1,500 visits in 2023 and we have 190 subscribers on our newsletter community. I have published 42 blog posts and sent 42 newsletters – with relevant and well-crafted content. We have been organically building an online presence on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also have some exciting projects coming to fruition in 2024: Our podcast Good is What Makes You Feel Well will be live on March/24 and I’m working on my first book. 


We hear that there may be a book in the works! Would you like to entice our readers with a hint of what may be coming down the pipeline?

Yes, I have already partnered with an awesome editor, and writing is going to be my main focus for 2024. The book title is Living Your Best Life in College – How to Avoid the Freshman 15, Stay Healthy, and Thrive for Good. The book intends to help prepare young adults who are going off to college. I’m going to share everything I wish I had known when I was 18 years old and also what I know could have prevented my son from withdrawing from his brief college experience. I couldn’t prevent what happened to my son but, I can help other families going through a similar situation. The timing is perfect as in 2025 I’m sending my daughter off to college so, the book is a way for her to take all my teachings with her.


What was one piece of advice that you have found to be pivotal in your journey as a health coach? 

One I heard from Jim Curtis, head of marketing for IIN: “Don’t focus on the outcome. Have a clear mission and vision and take 5 practical steps every day – Mission, Vision, Fruition”.


We are so grateful for your time Anna! To conclude, what is one piece of advice that you could share with readers who may just be dipping their toes into a nutritional journey for the first time?

Don’t be carried away by all the excess information. Go back to the basics, to the simplicity, to nature. Look around and find how nature nurtures all the living species. We’re just one of them. Tune into your body, try different things, and find what works for you – what makes you feel well.

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