Announcing Awakenpedia’s First Ever Global Virtual Retreat! 

A Transformational 3-Day Weekend Experience that will thoroughly introduce you to the Multi-Dimensional World of Energy Healing.

This at-home and “come as you want” Retreat Experience offers 20+ Live Premium Events that have been intuitively designed to Expand Consciousness, Deepen Presence, and Catalyze Awakening through an in-depth exploration of the Various Pathways of Energy Healing.

Workshop Modalities Include:

✨ Journaling
✨ Meditation
✨ Yoga
✨ Holistic Nutrition
✨ Breathwork
✨ Nature Walking
✨ Somatic Healing
✨ Past Life Hypnosis
✨ Conscious Cooking

✨ Gene Keys
✨ Yoga Nidra
✨ Dreamwork
✨ Sound Healing
✨ Reiki
✨ Human Design
✨ Conscious Manifestation
✨ Ecstatic Dance

All of the Participating Providers facilitating each of these workshops are Approved Awakenpedia Partners who have each gone through their own respective Shift in Consciousness and teach from the depth of this direct Spiritual Transformation.

Every Participating Partner will also be offering Retreat Attendees a fun Surprise Bonus Offer that will be revealed LIVE during their Event Slot! 

I’ll be guiding a Nature Walking workshop on Saturday, April 13th at 12:15 pm.

Date & Time

Fri, April 12th – Sun, April 14th 2024





P.S. We’re offering the first 25 Sign Ups 25% Off with Code “SAVE25” at checkout.


Check the retreat’s detailed schedule and sign up on the link below.