We are so excited to welcome our New Partner – Anna Resende – into the Awakenpedia Family, who will be providing “Nature Walking” & “Forest Therapy” Services to the Community. Start your Free Trial via our website below to see her Full Partner Profile and the complete list of her Discounted Offerings in our Member Forum!


A Quick Intro from Anna: Hi! I’m Anna, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love to use my passion for nature, nutrition, and cooking to help people find a lifestyle of lasting health and wellness. 

Like many, I came from the corporate world. I got a Chemical Engineering degree back in 1995 and worked in the manufacturing industry for the following 27 years, most of the time with continuous improvement. During my job search before moving to Maryville – TN, a former colleague of mine suggested Health Coaching. When I laid my eyes on IIN’s Health Coach Training Program curriculum it was love at first sight. All the things that I’m passionate about were listed there, I felt as if the program was tailored for me. Two days later I was registered and 6 months later graduated. I had the first sign that the universe had orchestrated the whole career change for me during my very first class. Before starting the training, I had made a matching tattoo with my son of a yin and yang symbol. Then in my first class, I learned that the yin and yang symbol is the core of IIN’s Integrative Coaching Method. That was my first realization that nothing happens by chance. At that very moment, I strongly felt that I had taken the right path. As the training progressed, I was certain that I’d found my calling. My years working as a continuous improvement engineer had been a setup for my health coaching career. Now I’m looking for the root causes of diseases and improving clients’ health instead of improving manufacturing processes and looking for root causes of failures. 

My signature program – Nature Walk, is an invitation to (re)connect with nature, mind, body, spirit, and community for nourishment and healing. Nature walk symbolizes a walk back home, to our roots, where nature is the main provider. I do offer 1×1 health coaching and group coaching for corporate businesses and young adults.