“Intuition speaks to you when you are really connected, and for us to be really connected we have to have peace. I had the experience of feeling like I wasn’t in alignment, and now I can value how it feels to be fully aligned and connected.”

– Anna Resende


Anna Resende, founder of Mamma Terra Health Coaching LLC, is a certified Health Coach, accredited by the esteemed IIN – Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

With a background in chemical engineering and a successful 25-year tenure in the manufacturing industry, Anna has honed her expertise in continuous improvement. Throughout her career, she has worked in various plants across Brazil and the United States, but it was her unwavering commitment to enhancing people’s health and well-being that truly struck a chord within her. Now, as a health coach, Anna can channel her passion for nutrition and a wholesome lifestyle to empower her clients on their journey toward becoming the best, healthiest versions of themselves. Under the guidance of Mamma Terra Health Coaching, Anna endeavors to leave a lasting impact on the world. Her mission is to contribute to a future where ailments are scarce, making the world a better place for generations to come.

Driven by a powerful vision, Anna aims to educate and guide individuals on cultivating healthy habits that will enable them to live long, vibrant lives. By imparting invaluable knowledge and providing unwavering support, she empowers her clients to take charge of their well-being and embrace a life of wellness. Rooted in a set of core values, Mamma Terra Health Coaching upholds the principles of wellness, nutrition, community, and family. These values form the foundation of Anna’s approach, ensuring that her clients receive the utmost care and guidance on their transformative journey toward optimal health. Together, Anna Resende and Mamma Terra Health Coaching strive to create a healthier world, one individual at a time.